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About Freckled Lemons

Doormats, mugs, shirts & so much more for every season, holiday or special event.

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Doormats: 4-6 business days (M-F)

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About freckled lemons!

Selected as Best of Cleveland 2020! Click here to read the article!

                                                - - - -

Hi! I'm Claire. The gal behind freckled lemons. I'm just a gal that loves witty sayings & home decor almost as much as I love my hometown Cleveland. I just recently moved to Phoenix!

What started as a doormat I made for a Friendsgiving in 2018 quickly turned into my dream job. After receiving so much feedback from friendsgiving I decided to offer custom doormats to family and friends while working a full time job. My mental health was greatly suffering at my full time job. I decided to take a step back and opened my Etsy shop freckled lemons while working on feeling like myself again. I launched freckled lemons in April 2019 and have never looked back! You can find us on Etsy at

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to see how far freckled lemons has come and I can't wait to watch it grow! I am honored to be able to create so many great designs for people all across the U.S. This is absolutely my dream job and I am so lucky that it saved me. 

The name freckled lemons holds a special place in my heart. When I met my hubby Elmin, he always called me freckles and since Elmin is an unusual name the autocorrect on my phone always changed his name to Lemon. And so freckled lemons was born! He has always supported and believed in me. He has helped me in so many ways with my business and I would not be here without him.

I am so excited to share these creations with you!

Thanks for stopping by :)